Friday, July 22, 2016


Everyone loves a good sale!

All of my bags have been marked down 40% to make room for new products!

Take advantage, have fun, support a maker!

Love ya!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Elevate 2016

I guess it's official now!
I am a real blogger because I went to a blogging conference!
I don't know how true that statement really is, 
but I will tell you I had the most amazing time at Elevate 2016!

I got to be in a beautiful place full of amazing women!

There was a perfect line up of activities and speakers for this creative soul!

I got to hear speakers that made me laugh and cry and think!

 These ladies shared their hearts and their stories fearlessly!

 Persnickety Prints

I got to meet lady bosses that shared their products with us.

Having time to create during the conference was one of the best parts!

I got to talk with blogging friends that I had only known from my screen face to face.

It was a gift!
A gift to recharge.
A gift to be inspired.
A gift to learn more about blogging!
A gift to make connections with so many mamas!

I was blown away by Jen and Summer's attention to all the details,
the way they love their tribe,
the community that they have created!
I am beyond grateful to be included into such a great circle!

I am still processing everything I learned,
but I already have plans to attend next year too!

Elevate 2016, you ROCKED!

*All photos are by the AMAZINGLY talented Chrissy Delacy of 
Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Being a Mom

At eighteen years old I would have told you I'm not going to have a family 
because I'm going to be a doctor and that lifestyle is not fair to a family.
Fast forward four years and I became a mom to an amazing tiny little man.
What in the world was my eighteen year old self thinking?

A lot of buzz around the internet talks about 
being a mama as this super hard exhausting task.
Here's the thing...
it absolutely can be hard and exhausting, but that is not all.
I look back and think how in the world did I have 3 little boys 4 and under, 
work full time, finish my teaching credential, and my master's degree?

It really comes down to one thing.
I finished and survived all of that because I was a mama.
I wanted time with my boys,
I wanted better for my boys,
and I wanted to set an example for my boys.

I did the hard things because I was always thinking about my life with my boys.
Was I tired?
You bet.
Was I frustrated at times?
Most assuredly.
Was it totally worth the early mornings and late nights?

Now I am stubborn by nature and a hard worker,
so this might just be how things work for me,
but I know in my heart doing all of the hard things comes back to my boys.
Making a good life for them was the push to get things done.

So on this Mother's Day I look back and think
how in the world could I do life without my men?
The short answer...
I couldn't.
Being a mama brings me such joy.
This life is exactly what I was meant to do.

Mama is by far my favorite title.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Open Hands

When I read a story about parenting with open hands my heart hurt, but I knew it was exactly right.
On Sunday I did the hardest thing I have done as a mama...
I left my eighteen year old 1,550.2 miles away from home to begin his journey.
Austin, Texas is his new home. 

Let me tell you I was a hot mess.
The tears would not stop and when he had tears too it pushed me over the top.
It was everything I had not to pack him back up and bring him home with me.
Some how through the tears I drove away.

We had an amazing five days of getting him set up to live on his own.
We figured out routes to get to his school.
We shopped and stocked up on essentials and groceries.
We explored his new city. 

I knew he was ready, but I wasn't so sure my heart was ready.
Then Monday evening came and the texts started flowing in.
His cohort was great.  He liked his instructors.
The facilities were awesome and the perks were going to be wonderful.

I felt the heaviness lift as we knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.
We had chosen wisely and his future looks so bright.
Austin and Texas in general blew me away. 
What a great place for Zack to begin the next part of his life! 

Parenting with open hands is not for sissies,
but when you see your kid thrive it's totally worth the hurting mama heart!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Makers Gonna Make

If there is one thing that is predictable about me it is that I must be busy.
I have to make things or be doing something all. the. time.
Can't help it...

Spring break was here and I was so ready for it!
Did I sleep in...a little.
Did I bet.
Did I work on a huge project...of course!

 I have the privilege of being a part of the Elevate Conference in May 
and I wanted to send a little something for the swag bags.
Seventy-five little somethings to be exact.

There were points where I thought I was surely out of my EVER. LOVING. MIND.
for agreeing to provide seventy-five mini zipper pouches for all the ladies.

But I stuck it out and got them all finished with loads of time to spare!
 I love all the fabrics.  
The combinations that I hope will bring on smiles and all the heart eyes.

Since I actually had time to spare I decided I wanted to do a couple of projects 
for the house and even something for me!

One new pillow for the family room and one new zipper pouch for my bag.

If there is one thing I have learned in trying to have a little business 
it is that you have to get back to the root of how all this sewing began.  
I started sewing for our home and my hubby and my boys.

Giving myself permission to make something for fun is the key to not getting burned out.
I want to always have the feeling of wanting to sew.  
If it turns into something that is a chore I have defeated the whole purpose of my little shop.  

Sewing is my therapy, sewing is my joy.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Who Needs a Basket?

I don't know about you, but having clutter around the house makes me a little crazy.
Add in holidays and things can get out of control.
Easter baskets and I have a love hate relationship.
I love making baskets for my boys,
but I hate that there is this basket lying around when the treats are long gone.

I came up with a solution that is quick and cheap!  
Two of my favorite words when I'm crafting!

First, gather all your materials.  
Seriously, I bet you have everything you need without a trip to Michaels!

1 Kraft Medium Bag
1 Piece of Scrapbook Paper
1 Piece of Felt
1 Pair of Scissors

Print out your bunny template and cut it out.
Trace it on the back side of the scrapbook paper.

Cut out the bunny and cut a circle from the felt.

Glue the bunny onto the kraft bag.
Glue the felt circle onto the bunny.

That's it!
See, I told you it was quick!

Have fun filling it up with Easter treats! 
Just fold it away for next year when the kiddos are done!
I have been using the ones I made for my boys for a few years now.
 I love how easy it is to pull them out of the cupboard!

So simple and no clutter to added to the house!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Simple Tips for Rearing Amazing Kids

When a teacher asks your husband and you if you're going to have more kids 
you might get a weird look on your face.  
When she goes on to explain that your boys are amazing, 
you understand, she wants more kids in her class like yours.

How did we rear such awesome kiddos?
Here it goes in a nutshell...

1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.  
Our boys know that when we tell them something 
we will do our best to follow through, good or bad.  
Idol threats or unkept promises are not how we do things around here.

2. Set boundaries. 
Kids need to know what is and is not okay in your family.  
If we told them something was not okay we surely followed through if they crossed the line.  
If kids know the expectations they will meet them.

3. Have routines.
From the time our boys were little we did things with them a certain way.
They always knew what to expect because we had a routine.  
Not always flying by the seat of your pants gives kiddos security 
and it helps everyone have a better day.

4. Listen to their stories.  
Our kids come to us and talk about everything.  
One thing their dad and I do almost without thinking is stop what we're doing and listen.  
All the little stuff they shared as munchkins has opened the door, 
so sharing teenager issues is totally normal and common.  
People have been surprised when the boys tell us about things
 that they did that were not great choices. 
 They know they can share anything with us 
because we're not going to start screaming.

5. Hang out together.  
Giving your kids your time is so simple, yet it can be totally overlooked.
Dinner is a great time to all be together.  
The middle of a Sunday afternoon is a great time to be silly, watch a movie, or just talk.  
Reading to my boys every night before bedtime 
will always be one of my favorite memories.

6.  Let them be kids.  
Our boys were mud loving, dirt digging, play fighting, paper creating little guys.  
We did not push them to be academic all-stars until it was time for them to go to school.  
Their job was to learn and grow and explore.  
We tried sports here and there, but we never pushed a busy schedule of activities.  
We firmly believe they need time to just figure things out.  
We do not need to fill every moment of their day with something. 

7.  Be encouragers. 
If your kid loves drawing make sure they have paper, pencils, and crayons to bring their heart to life.  
If your kid wants to make video games get them into programming. 
If your kid is a reader take them to the library or thrift store.  
If your kid is a builder make sure they have things to build with everyday.  
If they are excited about something, be excited with them!

8. Laugh with them.
When guests stay in our home they almost always comment on the laughter heard here.  
We love to laugh and some things that kids say or do are just hilarious.  
Teaching them to enjoy life is an awesome gift.

It is not hard or expensive to guide your kids into growing up to be amazing. 
The most important thing we have given our boys is our heart.  
We love them.  
We show it by setting boundaries, following through, listening, encouraging, and giving them our time.
I'm sure there are a million other little things we have done, 
but it all comes down to the most simple and valuable thing a parent can do...
Love your kiddos fiercely.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

twenty-one days

In twenty-one days I am taking a quarter of my heart 
to Texas to begin his big adventure.
The kid that made me a mama has grown into 
an amazing man.

He's ready to start chasing his dreams.
He's ready to work hard and be focused.
He's ready to be on his own and find his place in the world.

And I'm okay with that because I know what kind of person
we're setting loose on the world.

Twenty-two years ago I was in the same place.
I remember the excitement, nervousness, and joy 
I felt exploring new places and figuring out who I wanted to be. 

In twenty-one days we begin the next chapter of his life together.
We'll get him settled into his new home, city, and school.
I'll head back to California
and he'll begin his schooling.

I'm sure I'll be a hot mess when I leave him,
but I am also sure I am beyond proud of my kid.
Holding my kids with open hands is a hard lesson,
but one that I appreciate every day as I watch them grow up.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Art in the Classroom

Letting littles paint is not for the faint of heart.
Multiply that by 23 and you get a huge mess in the classroom,
but you also get 23 kids exposed to paint, brushes, color, texture, and fun. 
Twenty three sets of hands that get to experience something new.
Paint on a brush for the first time!

Most of all you get to see creativity and pride swell up as you hang
their creations upon the wall for all who enter our room to see.

Kid art projects are not always easy to manage,
but they are always worth a couple of afternoons of chaos.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Following My Heart

Here's a little disclaimer...I have a pretty amazing life just as it is.
My boys are my joy, my husband is the best, my job is secure.
As good as things have been, I know I need to move forward 
to make a better life and a happier me.

Learning to find my way has been quite a journey.
All my life I have been the good girl 
with a side of stubborn and competitiveness.
I was one of the smart girls in school, so sciences and math were pushed.
I wanted to be the top kid, so I worked hard to see my name as high score.
There was the ability to succeed, but a true love of the academic world was never there.

I loved the art projects and the creative presentations assigned.  
Those things made my heart full!

No one ever encouraged me to pursue something that fed my creative soul as a career,
 nor did it ever cross my mind to head in a creative direction.
Doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher...those jobs are what academic achievers do.
Just now as I turn 40 am I realizing that my heart yearns to create and make beautiful things.

I love seeing the potential in homes,
in a yard of fabric,
in a slab of wood,
or an old piece of furniture.
I have been in a classroom or on a retail floor doing the right thing
to make sure the bills were paid and food was on the table.
Now I long to shift into creating all the time.
I worked on a project all of Sunday and I didn't even realize how much time  had passed.
That shows me following my heart is the right choice.
It wasn't work and I was smiling all day.

I long to create beautiful spaces.
I just realized this week I have always been wired to decorate and create.
The tree house in my grandparents' backyard needed curtains,
my homes needed cozy, warm touches, my classroom must be calm and nurturing. 
How I feel when I enter a space is beyond important to me!

The bottom line is this...
smart and creative can go together.
I'm not quite sure how to be my own boss just yet
or if all these plans floating around in my head will work,
but I do know I have to focus on making it happen.
Being creative and making beautiful things is
just too important to my heart to just be a hobby anymore.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reminded to Rest

Oh boy guys!  This mama has been one sick lady!
Once upon a time I got bronchitis every February and then it just stopped happening.
I was not sure why, but let me tell you I was not complaining either.

Fast forward to this year and wham!
Chest feels like a body builder is standing on not good.
I didn't/don't have time for this nonsense,
but it was exactly what I needed to be
reminded to rest.

What good are we mamas if we push ourselves so hard and so long
that we get completely knocked on our backsides?!?

Today I am thankful I feel a million times better,
but it came only by me slowing down and investing some time
into self care.
Why is that so hard?
Once I took the time to get my oils on me and got myself to bed early
miracles of miracles my body began to fight the junk.

It's okay to stop and rest mamas.
We need to fill our cups before we can do good for any of our people.
It's not selfish or mean to put yourself first every now and then.

Friday, January 22, 2016

dream chaser

I've been dreaming about changes in our lives for a long time.
New and different and exciting mixed with scary and unknown.
It all seems to be coming together.
I'm finding myself more and more.
Realizing things I have daydreamed about could become reality.

Now it's time to get to work and work the plan.
If you know anything about me you know I'm not afraid of work, 
but I am afraid of not being secure.
This year is going to be all about trust in our dreams, my dreams. 
Knowing that everything we have set out to do we have accomplished.

Every time I turn around I keep seeing the words "dream chaser".
I love the little nods that I am heading in the right direction!

Pictures all courtesy of my crazy boys...
payback for being on the other side of the camera!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not So Little Monkeys

 Once upon a time I had three little stair step boys.  
My hands were busy, my house was noisy, 
and my heart burst for my little men. 
Time has flown as my little guys have grown into amazing men.  
My heart still bursts, but the noise and busy-ness is passing.  
I miss them being little and being able to pick them up,
but this stage, three teenagers, has been pretty fabulous.
Setting rules, expectations, guidelines when they were little 
has paid off more than I could have imagined.
 Kenny and I get to enjoy these guys rather than worry.
We get to joke and plan and just be.
What a gift this mama gig has been!
Hang in there mamas of littles! 
It gets better and different and more amazing.
Now they just have to lean over so I can still kiss the top of their heads.