Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Being a Mom

At eighteen years old I would have told you I'm not going to have a family 
because I'm going to be a doctor and that lifestyle is not fair to a family.
Fast forward four years and I became a mom to an amazing tiny little man.
What in the world was my eighteen year old self thinking?

A lot of buzz around the internet talks about 
being a mama as this super hard exhausting task.
Here's the thing...
it absolutely can be hard and exhausting, but that is not all.
I look back and think how in the world did I have 3 little boys 4 and under, 
work full time, finish my teaching credential, and my master's degree?

It really comes down to one thing.
I finished and survived all of that because I was a mama.
I wanted time with my boys,
I wanted better for my boys,
and I wanted to set an example for my boys.

I did the hard things because I was always thinking about my life with my boys.
Was I tired?
You bet.
Was I frustrated at times?
Most assuredly.
Was it totally worth the early mornings and late nights?

Now I am stubborn by nature and a hard worker,
so this might just be how things work for me,
but I know in my heart doing all of the hard things comes back to my boys.
Making a good life for them was the push to get things done.

So on this Mother's Day I look back and think
how in the world could I do life without my men?
The short answer...
I couldn't.
Being a mama brings me such joy.
This life is exactly what I was meant to do.

Mama is by far my favorite title.

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  1. It's pretty funny to think back to what we thought our future would be like, when we were in high school. Happy Mother's Day!