Thursday, April 14, 2016

Open Hands

When I read a story about parenting with open hands my heart hurt, but I knew it was exactly right.
On Sunday I did the hardest thing I have done as a mama...
I left my eighteen year old 1,550.2 miles away from home to begin his journey.
Austin, Texas is his new home. 

Let me tell you I was a hot mess.
The tears would not stop and when he had tears too it pushed me over the top.
It was everything I had not to pack him back up and bring him home with me.
Some how through the tears I drove away.

We had an amazing five days of getting him set up to live on his own.
We figured out routes to get to his school.
We shopped and stocked up on essentials and groceries.
We explored his new city. 

I knew he was ready, but I wasn't so sure my heart was ready.
Then Monday evening came and the texts started flowing in.
His cohort was great.  He liked his instructors.
The facilities were awesome and the perks were going to be wonderful.

I felt the heaviness lift as we knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.
We had chosen wisely and his future looks so bright.
Austin and Texas in general blew me away. 
What a great place for Zack to begin the next part of his life! 

Parenting with open hands is not for sissies,
but when you see your kid thrive it's totally worth the hurting mama heart!

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  1. That last picture is stunning! Austin is a really, really great town - tell him he must visit Chuys, the Umlaf Sculpture Garden, and watch the bats!