My People

Hey there!  I am Amy or Amy Lynne if you're family...a mama, a wife, a creative soul, and a teacher.  I long to just be a creator and I am working on being able to leave the classroom.  Working hard is not new to me, I finished my BA degree the same semester I had my second son while working full time.  I finished my Masters degree and credential while being a mama to my three very little boys.  I love pressure and work well when I have 5 million things on my plate!  Fabric is my love language.  But really, any opportunity to create something makes my heart sing!

This is the love of my life.  Kenny is my partner in crime!  We are a great team and get a lot of things done!  This man is one of the nicest and most helpful people you will ever meet, just ask our neighbors.
Computers, cars, and building things make him a happy guy.  If he doesn't have a project he's not a happy camper.  He is a perfectionist and I love the attention to detail he puts in on every project!


This is Zackery.  The kid that made me a mom and will be the first to leave the nest.  He loves his computer and gaming.  He is pursuing his dream to be a computer programmer!  I am so proud of this kid.  He is so funny and super smart. He is not afraid of hard work or trying new things.  Zack is going to have an amazing time in Austin, Texas very soon!

This is Lukas!  He is our resident writer and painter.  He loves telling stories and has written some pretty amazing tales! He has a heart that loves to make others happy.  Even as a little guy he was a helper and loved other babies.  He is amazing with little kids.  Lukas is going to be an awesome author and illustrator some day!

 This is Nikolas!  He is our builder!  This kid can make anything out of cardboard and tape.  The way his mind works is amazing.  He has an engineer logic and an architect vision.  Nikolas loves playing his video games and plotting with his friends.  He is going to be an engineer that leads the charge in new ways of design!

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