Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reminded to Rest

Oh boy guys!  This mama has been one sick lady!
Once upon a time I got bronchitis every February and then it just stopped happening.
I was not sure why, but let me tell you I was not complaining either.

Fast forward to this year and wham!
Chest feels like a body builder is standing on not good.
I didn't/don't have time for this nonsense,
but it was exactly what I needed to be
reminded to rest.

What good are we mamas if we push ourselves so hard and so long
that we get completely knocked on our backsides?!?

Today I am thankful I feel a million times better,
but it came only by me slowing down and investing some time
into self care.
Why is that so hard?
Once I took the time to get my oils on me and got myself to bed early
miracles of miracles my body began to fight the junk.

It's okay to stop and rest mamas.
We need to fill our cups before we can do good for any of our people.
It's not selfish or mean to put yourself first every now and then.

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