Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Makeover

Believe it or not, sometimes I sew for me!
I know, shocker!

This happy makeover came about because I didn't really want to spend $40 (or more) 
on a new basket for the living room afgans.  I already had some baskets 
that didn't have a job anymore, so I started plotting.
A little spray paint and a new liner and that dark old basket 
could fit quite nicely in the living room.

Let me say it took a lot of spray paint to cover that dark stain.  
I covered it with white and almond as a base and then layered the yellow.  
I went through a few almost empty cans and then bought 
one more can of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Sun Yellow (my favorite brand of spray paint) 
to finish it off.  I still have a bunch left, so more projects will see the yellow!

After I got the paint finished up I used the old liner as a pattern to make the new cheerful liner!

I didn't have quite enough of the main fabric to do the entire liner, 
so I used a scrap to make the base. 
Happy accident I say!

Rather than making ties I went through my ribbon stash and found this darling gingham.  
Just the right touch!

So for maybe $10 I was able to get a "new" basket exactly the color and style I wanted!
Not too shabby!

*Rust-Oleum Spray paint is my favorite, but this is not a sponsored or affiliate post.  
However, if Rust-Oleum ever wants to send me paint I would gladly take it! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How I Work

Everyone has a process they use to get things done.
Ever since I really started focusing on Amy's Monkeys I have adjusted 
how I go about getting the most out of my limited amount of time.  
I don't have all day to get things done, so the time I have must be used efficiently.

I really embrace the Henry Ford assembly line philosophy.

I have a few steps I use to keep things going smoothly and as organized as possible.
This is how I piece together my zipper pouches.
First, I pair all the fabrics for my creations...seriously the most fun part of creating!

Then, I iron, measure, and cut all the combinations and interfacing.
Next, I iron all the interfacing onto the outside prints. 


After that, it's all about the ruffles!

Now, it's time to get the ruffles and tags attached.

Show time...
zipper, iron, top stitch, repeat, stitch all around, add gusset, flip out-side-right, 
stitch closed, smile at the new zipper pouch!

 Rinse and repeat until your to-do pile is gone and your product pile is overflowing!

Assembly line production has really streamlined how I get things done!

It's all about tackling projects in chunks.  Feeling that sense of accomplishment helps 
keep you going when you're tired and just want to quit!  
Trust me I know that feeling!

I'm not sure my process will help anyone, but it really does make a huge difference!