Friday, January 9, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard


This week has been all about restocking the online inventory of the shop.  The holiday season was crazy, so the cupboards were a little bare.  Don't get me wrong it is a seriously good thing!  My winter break is three glorious every minute after the holidays I need to do my best to be productive.

 This week I rocked it and busted it and my wrists and back are wow sore.  It's all good because now I have lots of baby gear to add to the shop!  I play a game with myself to get through it.  Music on and rocking while the sewing machine whirls.  After I get a certain amount of items done I take a Netflix break.  Most of my shows are 40ish minutes, so I chill and snack and regroup for the next round of work!

 I really believe setting some sort of daily goal is super important to a maker like me.  I need to have a plan to keep me going when I just want to stop and take a nap!  Biggest motivator (besides going back too work) was the fact that we have company coming Sunday!  I knew I had to be done so I could get our disaster home straightened up for the weekend.  Having and end goal is the best way I know to keep myself pushing through! (Seriously, it is exactly how I pushed through college with little ones at home!)

 In the end I wound up with so much cuteness and great products for my customers. That's my favorite part...seeing other people enjoying all the goodies I work so hard to get out there!  Smiles make the achy back and wrists totally worth it!

Now to get the house out of refugee mode and back into cute and fun mode!

Until next time,
Amy Lynne

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