Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello...Let Me Introduce Myself

I always like to know a bit about the people 
behind the blogs I read so I thought maybe you all like the same. 

I'm Amy, unless you're my mom or my auntie or I'm signing something, then I'm Amy Lynne. 
  •  I am the oldest in the family.  Typical type A overachiever, people pleasing girl.
  • I love lists.  Crossing things off makes me super happy.
  •  I have three amazing boys and a husband that thinks it is his job to make me laugh.  Oh, how I appreciate that every day!  My boys are giants and they love to eat good foods.  Leftovers are a thing of the past around here!  
  • We homeschool all three boys now.  Best decision ever!
  • When I was first in college I was pre-med.  Add a baby coming to the mix and I had to make some big decisions.  I had boy #2 in the last semester of college.  That was interesting!  Boy #3 was about 6 months old when I started working on my credential and Master's degree.  Thank goodness for online courses.  That seriously was the only way I could have finished and been a mama at the same time.  I chose teaching to give me more time with my boys!
  • I have been teaching for 10 years.  Most days it is awesome, but the hard days are hard!
  • My boys call me OCD Mom.  I like things the way I like them and that's just how it is. :)
  • Amy's Monkeys was started when my hubby lost his job and running around shopping was no longer a good hobby.  I had sewn things for years, but making things to sell was a bit scary.  Now I have an online shop and a space at a great local consignment store.  It's a good release for me after being in the classroom all day! 
  • I chopped off my hair 2 summers ago.  It went from my backside up to my chin.  Dramatic much?!?  Now I am letting it grow back. I miss my pony tails and messy buns! Thankfully, my hair grows like a weed.
  • I love the color blue in any shade.  My home is starting to reflect that more and more!
  • Anything else you'd like to know?!?

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