Friday, January 23, 2015

On Being Brave

Yesterday I was brave with something that most people would probably think is silly...
yesterday I wore leggings and riding boots together for the first time.

Here's why that was me being brave...
I am scared to death of fitted clothes because this gal has gained wait that just won't come off.

I don't know if it's the going to be 39 body, or a health issue, or life has been crazy, but the weight is there.

I finally decided I'd make it work after a little prodding from a great friend.
I see cute people in all kinds of sizes every day.
What's to say I can't rock it too?!?

Nothing...because I did.
I felt cute and comfortable all day.
Trendy and stylish.
A hot mom.
Yup, that was how I felt.

The weight is bugging me and a doctor's appointment next week will hopefully help me get some answers.
Until then I'm going to enjoy my new super sale boots, my jeans that set in the closet for a year, and my scarf collection because everyone needs to feel cute!

Enjoy your Friday loves!


  1. You look super cute! Definitely a hot mom! I have about 20 more pounds at least of baby weight I need to take off. I think it is harder the older you get- I'll be 40 this June. I have taken weight off plenty of times, but this time it is holding on for dear life!

  2. You look absolutely beautiful Amy.

  3. Where is the horse? :) he he he - I Love the outfit. I'm not a leggings girl either, Jordyn tries to get me into skinny jeans and I run! ;)