Friday, January 16, 2015

The Looking Glass

Did you know Amy's Monkeys has a great little space in a beautiful local artisan shop?!?
We are so excited to be a part of The Looking Glass family!

The Looking Glass is a collaboration of local artisans working 
together to build an amazing shop filled with wonder.  
This shop is chalk full of local handmade, hand-crafted, and homemade gifts and treasures.
I am so proud to have my creations be a part of such an awesome group of people!
My space has been so much fun to create and then maintain.

Figuring out new and cute ways to display all my goodies.

Keeping the space filled can be a challenge, 
but I think I have a pretty good system 
in place after working so hard over winter break.

I love coming up with new ideas to bring into the shop.

It's been a blast finding balance keeping true to 
what I see Amy's Monkeys as representing 
and building a cohesive feeling within the entire store.

I hope my space feels creative and fun and whimsical because that's ultimately 
how I want Amy's Monkeys brand to be remembered.

This little family business is about doing what you love 
and finding a way to get that out to others to enjoy too!

I want people to remember us for having great quality items 
displayed beautifully in an amazing shop.

It has been amazing to be part of The Looking Glass!  
Our family gained a hole bunch of amazing people 
when we became part of this community of artisans!

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