Thursday, April 16, 2015

Essential Oil Pouches

Last week we received our much anticipated Young Living Essential Oils.  
Can I just say I'm in love so far!

So of course I had to make a holder to protect our investment!

I looked all over the internet to see how 
people stored their bottles and saw lots of ideas!
The idea that stuck with me the most was a pouch 
that has inserts to make my oils easily transportable and keep them safe!

I wanted something that would hold up to taking the oils in and out without wearing out, 
so I decided little padded pockets were my best bet.  
Making them into an insert for my zipper pouches fit my needs exactly!

Apparently I did it right because they have become a hit on my website and Pinterest!
I truly love seeing people excited about something I made! 
It's so humbling and rewarding seeing your work appreciated by others!
 It really is pretty awesome!

Oils are becoming a big part of my life and sewing has always been a major part,
 so I'd say there is a happy union coming together!

The essential oils zipper pouches are just the right blend of cuteness and function!

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