Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

 What a difference a year makes!  Last year Christmas time was a little rough on a couple of  fronts, nevertheless, it was still fun and my babies were happy.  This year was a whole different story!  Better planning and less stress made for a Christmas full of smiles and surprised boys!


Now, the boys have a long tradition of filling out a wish list.  They are very thorough to include websites and item numbers.  They are not too crazy with their requests, so it is always fun to see their faces light up as they open their packages.

This year I was so busy with my classroom and events for Amy's Monkeys and making products that all the Christmas decorating fell to the men of the house.  This translates into a tree with no ornaments, but approximately 1 million twinkle lights controlled by a micro-controller attached to the computer.  Of course that's exactly what every systems engineer dreams of at Christmas time!
My husband was giddy with this tree.  He had always wanted a Christmas tree just full of lights.  It's so silly and simple that it just fits!

This Christmas was not about a ton of gifts or decorations or any of the other things that make people crazy this time of year.  It was all about our little family enjoying each other, getting some fun new things to build, eating way too well, and just being content.  

To me we nailed what the season is supposed to be about!

Until next time,
Amy Lynne

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