Thursday, January 7, 2016

Not So Little Monkeys

 Once upon a time I had three little stair step boys.  
My hands were busy, my house was noisy, 
and my heart burst for my little men. 
Time has flown as my little guys have grown into amazing men.  
My heart still bursts, but the noise and busy-ness is passing.  
I miss them being little and being able to pick them up,
but this stage, three teenagers, has been pretty fabulous.
Setting rules, expectations, guidelines when they were little 
has paid off more than I could have imagined.
 Kenny and I get to enjoy these guys rather than worry.
We get to joke and plan and just be.
What a gift this mama gig has been!
Hang in there mamas of littles! 
It gets better and different and more amazing.
Now they just have to lean over so I can still kiss the top of their heads.  

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