Monday, November 23, 2015


For the last three years I have been able to participate 
in the Holiday Marketplace Boutique held at the convention center!

In all honesty it is a lot work to prepare inventory for the event, 
help fulfill my obligations with the women's group that puts it on, 
and get my classroom ready for parent conferences.
Just typing that makes me tired!

But here's the thing...I have a ball every year!
This year was even more special because I had customers come looking for me!
Isn't that too cool?!?

It really is fun to interact with so many neat people 
and to share my story about how Amy's Monkeys came to be.

I love setting up my booth.  Kenny has helped me make it amazing. 
The backdrop he created this year really is the icing on the cake!
My sweet husband even wrote out a parts list for the hubby of another vendor, 
so they could make one too!

For us it's like a date weekend!
We get to hang out and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Enjoy a small peek at my space for the weekend.
I totally forget my big camera, but my phone captured everything pretty well. 

Seeing all the little details come together to make a space 
that invites people in is pretty fabulous!

Projects finished and my creations displayed is such a wonderful feeling!

Leading up to the event I am usually overwhelmed,
but once we're set up it is just time to visit and enjoy my hubby and girlfriends. 

This community of little business owners and creative souls is food for my soul.  
I get recharged and ready to tackle next year 
with even more ideas for my little shop!

I updated the website so if something catches your eye 
head on over to see if it's still available!

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