Friday, November 6, 2015


Oh my goodness it has been way too long since I've been over here!

Life has been full of projects, work, practice, and keeping up with all the things
you're supposed to do to keep a busy family going!

If you follow me on Instagram you've had a peek at the whirlwind of a year we've had!

Here's a little recap since April...can you believe that?!?

Rusty Roots happened in May...what a great event!

The school year ended in June with a whole lot of packing!
Classroom remodels are no joke!
I was one happy lady ready to get summer started!

Summer was full of projects for home and my classroom.
The best part was a few road trips with my favorite guy!

We scored some beautiful vintage beds from Craigslist
and busted it to get Luke's room (mostly) finished.

I think I painted just about anything that would stand still too...

Including my poor feet...ha!

We all started Kendo too!  What an amazing martial art!  I love it big time!

School started back up and I was a crazy lady that agreed to pilot a new program.
Can anyone say, "feels like my first year teaching again?"
Yikes, it's been a lot of work!

So this school year is FLYING by!
Holiday Marketplace Boutique is eight days away and we're still working on projects!

 It will be great, but man what a ride!
Mama has had a few meltdowns,
but when pressure builds up you've got to have a release!

Life is good and busy and messy...just as it should be!

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