Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Makeover

Believe it or not, sometimes I sew for me!
I know, shocker!

This happy makeover came about because I didn't really want to spend $40 (or more) 
on a new basket for the living room afgans.  I already had some baskets 
that didn't have a job anymore, so I started plotting.
A little spray paint and a new liner and that dark old basket 
could fit quite nicely in the living room.

Let me say it took a lot of spray paint to cover that dark stain.  
I covered it with white and almond as a base and then layered the yellow.  
I went through a few almost empty cans and then bought 
one more can of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in Sun Yellow (my favorite brand of spray paint) 
to finish it off.  I still have a bunch left, so more projects will see the yellow!

After I got the paint finished up I used the old liner as a pattern to make the new cheerful liner!

I didn't have quite enough of the main fabric to do the entire liner, 
so I used a scrap to make the base. 
Happy accident I say!

Rather than making ties I went through my ribbon stash and found this darling gingham.  
Just the right touch!

So for maybe $10 I was able to get a "new" basket exactly the color and style I wanted!
Not too shabby!

*Rust-Oleum Spray paint is my favorite, but this is not a sponsored or affiliate post.  
However, if Rust-Oleum ever wants to send me paint I would gladly take it! :)

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